Delivered from Tuesday to Saturday to consumers anywhere in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany. Ordered before 9am this morning = delivered tomorrow!

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  • Delivery

    Gustor Meat Boutique delivers delicious fresh meat at home, at work, or on holiday.
    (Benelux and France)

    Ordered before 9 a.m., delivered before 8 p.m. the next day. If you did not choose a time block option, your order will be delivered as standard between 8 am and 8 pm. For this we enter into a contract with Dynalogic of DHL to deliver between 8 am and 6 pm. After all, we know that the driver is sometimes delayed during the day. The expected time of delivery that you receive from the courier service is therefore never an absolute certainty. How should you interpret the time blocks? Not as an absolute certainty. The morning delivery time block will certainly guarantee that you can serve the meat for dinner, but not that we can guarantee you an appointment at 1.15 pm away from home. In most cases this will work, but it is not a certainty, anything can happen along the way. Afternoon delivery guarantees that you do not need to be home until 1 pm. We deliver from Tuesday to Saturday, but you can always order.

    You can follow the order via a track & trace code, which arrives in your mailbox one day before delivery. The Gustor package is sent under guarantee via Dynalogic or DHL

    It is important to know that we always send fresh and chilled and never frozen - unless otherwise stated on the website. Thanks to the refrigerated packaging, we can guarantee our customers an optimal taste experience. The meat therefore remains refrigerated after delivery! Ideal for those who deliver at the reception of the office or workshop.

    If the meat is not delivered in excellent condition, the customer gets his money back. That is the Gustor guarantee.

  • Pickup

    Gustor Meat Boutique also has a Pick-Up store in Koksijde, where orders can be picked up for free. Stores can only be found in Belgium (Brugge and Koksijde)

    The address of the Pick-Upstore is Zeelaan 308, Koksijde. Open from Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 12 noon.

Didn’t receive a confirmation email? Be sure to check your spam box! The mail with the track & trace code can also be found there.

Would you rather have had your meat on the day itself? Call us: +32 473 60 06 22

When stored under 7 ° C, the vacuum packaging guarantees a total freshness of ten days after reception. For poultry this is four days with a storage under 4 ° C.

In the freezer you can keep the meat for up to six months.

All products are shipped fresh - and therefore not frozen - unless stated otherwise on the website. No product was previously frozen.

A special announcement about smell, color and taste. Gustor Meat Boutique products are top products, usually matured and always full of flavor. If you have no experience with such products, you will undoubtedly notice that our products usually have a specific smell. Also, the slightly browner, matured color is different from the meat that you find in the supermarket.

This is completely normal. For example, an odorless wine cannot possibly be a top wine, and the color evolves as the wine ripens longer.

Because we work with fresh products, it is possible that a product is no longer available. Keep an eye on the website or email us to see when something is available again.

Delicious (and) fresh meat guaranteed, thanks to a combination of cooling and insulation.

The meat is cut to size as desired. Ordered multiple items? These are first individually vacuum packed, so hygiene and safety remain guaranteed. The packaged meat then goes into an insulating EPS (polystyrene) box, which keeps the meat in excellent condition during shipping.

At Gustor Meat Boutique we attach great importance to the environment. The packaging was specially designed by us and is environmentally friendly. The enclosed cooling elements are perfectly reusable and have been certified by an independent inspection body: non-toxic and suitable for cooling foodstuffs - in full compliance with the rules of the FASFC. If you still want to discard the box, it is good to know that EPS is perfectly recyclable.

Our meat is never sent frozen, unless otherwise stated on the website.

In order to guarantee our customers an optimal taste experience with our exceptional quality meats, we always deliver fresh and chilled products.

If the meat is not delivered in optimal conditions, the customer is reimbursed. This is the Gustor guarantee.

Transportation Costs for cooled delivery

Order total : < 100 € > 100 € > 300 €
Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg 10,89 € Free Free
to France 25 € 25 € Free
to Germany 25 € 25 € Free
Pick-up Free at our Pick-Up store in Koksijde is free (select pick-up next step)

All weights on the website of Gustor Meat Boutique are global weights that make a payment in advance possible. The actual weight of the meat can differ, because the order is in its total weighted.

Gustor Meat Boutique guarantees that the difference between the two will never be greater than 5%. If the delivered weight proves to be more than the originally given weight, the customer obviously does not have to pay.

Should the difference still be greater than 5%, Gustor Meat Boutique provides a refund in cash.

The difference between the two weights is calculated with a subtraction sum and then multiplied by the average price per kilo of the purchased goods.

La race n’est pas le seul paramètre essentiel dans la qualité d’une viande. Le ‘terroir’ - le milieu dans lequel l’animal a vécu - et la nourriture qu’il a reçue sont autant d'éléments cruciaux. Les Highlands écossais, les Alpes autrichiennes, les forêts des Landes sont autant d’environnements qui garantissent une plus-value dans la qualité de la viande. Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de ces viandes provenant de ces régions d’exception. Il est évident qu’une viande de vache Holstein qui a passé des années dans un élevage laitier aux Pays-Bas n’a rien en commun avec celle du même type d’animal qui s'est nourri dans les herbages des Alpes autrichiennes.

Vous recevrez un couriel de confirmation immédiatement après votre commande. Dès cet instant, l’adresse de livraison ne peut plus être modifiée. Nous tenons ainsi éviter tout risque de confusion qui entraîneait un retard de plusieurs jours.

Quelques astuces pour une livraison parfaite? Cliquez ici...

Customer Service

Customer service can be reached every weekday of the week from 8 am till 6 pm.

In case you still have any questions or you would like some assitance making your order, don't hesitate to contact us.

Recent reviews


Top vlees zoals altijd! Enkel spijtig dat het gewone buikribben zijn, st louis cut is mooi recht afgesneden zonder ketting. Heb bijna 1kilo vet afgesneden zodat mijn rub op het vlees pakt en niet wegsmelt met het vet. Beter de 2kilo bestellen ipv de 2,5 is gewoon meer vet
9/25/2020 | Sten

Black Angus Ireland Picanha Rump cover

Super picanha
super stuk vlees. Basic van kruiding en dan op de bbq, meer heb je niet nodig. Om je vingers van af te likken.
9/24/2020 | Benoit

Witte Pens

beste pensen dat ik ooit gegeten heb , echt van genoten
9/24/2020 | Kenneth

Limousin Chateaubriand

heel lekker vlees
9/24/2020 | Kenneth

Dolce Zero by 'De Laet & Van Haver'

Absolument génial et original!!!
Doux, excellent, subtil et jamais écoeurant. A essayer et aucun regret possible!!!
9/19/2020 | Fabrice

Limousin Chateaubriand

j'ai trouvé dans ce chateaubriand la tendresse que j'espérais. Un régal!
9/19/2020 | Axel

Black Angus Ireland Picanha Rump cover

la reine des viandes
Le picanha est toujours la promesse d'une dégustation exceptionnelle. Celui que m'a proposé Gustor est le meilleur picanha de Black Angus qu'il m'ait été donné de manger en Europe. Une viande tendre, juteuse, avec la saveur incomparable de cette pièce d'exception!!! Je ne m'attendais pas à trouver une viande aussi persillée! Toutes ces qualités ne peuvent que provenir de l'attention portée sur la sélection de l'élevage et un savoir faire boucher dans le respect de la viande. Encore merci!!
9/19/2020 | Axel

Salsiccia all’aglio e prezzemolo

Nooit zomaar...
Zeg nooit zomaar worst tegen deze worst. Zeer lekker gekruid. Een delicatesse!
9/17/2020 | Luc

Pata Negra Secreto Bellota - Iberico

Voor mensen die zich laten afschrikken door het uiterlijk...niet doen. Dit is een overheerlijk stuk vlees dat smelt in de mond!!!
9/17/2020 | Luc

Argentinian grassfed rib eye

1ste keer besteld bij gustor en zeker niet teleurgesteld , begonnen met dit stuk vlees en gewoon wow! geen woorden voor echt super lekker
9/15/2020 | kenneth